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Scientists Successfully Connect Brain to Android Tablet - IGN News

Scientists from Stanford University's BrainGate program revealed that a woman suffering Lou Gehrig's disease can successfully control a Nexus tablet with her ...

Remote Control my Canon 5D Mark III w/ DSLR Controller on Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet

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Stanford University Developing iOS 7 Apps: Lecture 7 - Views and Gestures

This is a lecture of the course as it was published by Stanford University. It has Creative Commons rights.

Playboy's top 10 party schools: Ohio University is the biggest party school in the US - TomoNews

LOS ANGELES — When you think of the top 10 universities in the US, what colleges come to mind? Harvard or maybe Stanford? How about Ohio University?

Closed Caption Google Glass app by Stanford Freshman

Microsoft XBOX 360 SmartGlass on Apple iPad - Internet Explorer, Forza Horizon

This episode of Barnacules Nerdgasm contains footage with commentary on the XBOX 360 Smartglass feature utilized from an Apple iPad. The Smartglass ...

Android App for Quadcopter Control

Using built-in smartphone orientation sensors for sensor fusion to control the quadcopter via bluetooth module RN42. See the hardware and software for the ...

iTunes U App Review - App of the Week

Recently released was Apple's educations software for iPad and iPhone called iTunes U and iBooks 2. These apps that are aimed at education focus on brining ...

Review of Bluetooth OBD2 Wireless Transceiver Diagnostic Dongle - Check Engine Light

Thank you for watching my video review of the Bluetooth ELB327 OBD2 Wireless Transveiver Diagnostic Dongle. This device allows you to wirelessly interface ...

Android Tutorial Programming Multiple Activities, launching and passing data.

Android tutorial on Multiple Activities Starting another activity Passing data between activities. Using the Intent, startActivity and StartActivityForResult.

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